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Charging your LINKA Lock

Your LINKA comes with a high capacity lithium ion battery. A single charge will last you up to 3 months with auto-unlocking turned on, and up to to 16 months with auto-unlocking disabled. When your LINKA has less than 30% battery, it will blink red.

Charging your LINKA

1. Connect USB Cable

To charge your LINKA, connect a micro USB cable. Make sure your LINKA is unlocked when it is charged. Your LINKA LED will turn solid red. 


2. Fully Charged!

Your LINKA will fully charge in 3.5 hours. Your LINKA LED will turn green.


Note: Due to some issues with the algorithm, the battery level may display as less than 100% even when it is fully charged.

If you have trouble charging your LINKA, please visit “Charging Troubleshooting