How do I do a factory reset?

Factory resets delete all data off your lock, and allow you to transfer your lock to another user. In order to do a factory reset, phone must have access the email account that you used to register for LINKA. 

1. Click on “Reset to Factory Settings”

To factory reset, you must be the owner of the lock, and your LINKA must be unlocked. Click on "Reset to Factory Settings" on the bottom of the Settings page of your LINKA App.


2. Confirm through email

Go to your inbox on your phone. You will see an email asking you to confirm the factory reset. Open the email, and click “Reset to Factory Settings”. If you don't have access to your email account on your phone, you can forward the message to the inbox on your phone. 


3. Confirm in LINKA app 

You will be asked to open the page in the LINKA App. After you click “Yes” to the final confirmation, your LINKA lock will be factory reset.


Your LINKA lock is now factory reset!

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