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What are LINKA's LED Lights saying?

LINKA's LED is the best way to figure out the state of your LINKA lock. Here, we'll go through each light that you will see on your LINKA. 


When LINKA is unlocked and there is no LED, it means your LINKA is asleep. To wake up your LINKA, press the power button once. You will see a red light.


Blinking Blue

After you wake up your LINKA, the LED will have a blue blinking light. It is now in discoverable mode. This means that the LINKA app on your phone will be able to find and connect to your lock using bluetooth. Your LINKA will be in discoverable mode for 90 seconds before going back to sleep.




Solid Yellow 

When you are pairing your LINKA app to your lock, the LED will have a solid yellow light. This process should take less than 10 seconds. If the yellow light stays for more than 20 seconds, please visit our “Connection Troubleshooting” page.




Blinking Green 

After you have paired with your lock, the LED will blink green. Your app will also say “Connected”. Now, you will be able to lock, unlock, and control your LINKA with your phone.



Blinking Yellow

When your LINKA is locking, it will blink yellow.




Blinking Red (when locking)

When locking, if LINKA hits a spoke on your bicycle, it will stall, and retract. In this scenario, the LED will blink red. If your LINKA lock stalls without an obstruction, please visit our “Stall Troubleshooting” page.



No LED or Blinking Red (Locked)

When locked, your LINKA will have no LED. On the most recent firmware, your LINKA will blink red when locked. 



Blinking Blue

When unlocking, LINKA will blink blue.


Blinking Purple

When you enter your phoneless access code, your LINKA will blink purple. To learn more about phoneless access, click here.


Solid Red

While charging, LINKA will display solid red. To learn more about charging your LINKA, click here.



Solid Green

When it has fully charged, LINKA will display solid green.


Solid Purple

When performing firmware upgrades, LINKA will display a solid purple. To learn more about firmware upgrades, visit our “firmware upgrades” page.