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Locking and Unlocking Troubleshooting

Instructions to lock and unlock your LINKA can be found in the “Locking and Unlocking” page.

In the scenario that your LINKA will not lock or unlock, this article will go through some troubleshooting steps for locking your LINKA bike. The four areas we will cover are as follows:

1) Stall troubleshooting
2) Problems with connection
3) Battery too low
4) LINKA won't respond

Download latest version of app

Please download the latest version of the iOS app and Android app. Many of the connection issues have been solved with this new app. 

Stall Troubleshooting

When locking your LINKA, you may see the locking ring start to lock for a couple seconds, stall, and then open back up. You will get an alert on your phone telling you that your bike is unlocked.


This is caused by the accumulation of dust along the locking ring during transport. To solve this problem, go through these 2 steps:

1. Enable “Stall Override”

Under the settings page of your LINKA app, enable "Stall Override".


2. Lock and Unlock LINKA

You will now be able to lock and unlock your LINKA.

Proceed to lock and unlock your LINKA five times. This will clear out all the dust that has settled on the locking ring.


After successfully locking and unlocking multiple times, you should be able to lock normally with “Stall Override” disabled. 

Problems with connection

In some cases, your lock will have trouble connecting with your phone. 

Using phone-less access

If you are having connection issues, you should be able to lock and unlock using phone-less access. To learn how to use your LINKA’s phone-less access code, you can go to the “Using Phone-less Access Code” page. 

    Solving Connection issues 

    Here are some troubleshooting steps to solve this problem. Most users will be able to solve the problem by the third step.

    NOTE: If your iOS app is below version 1.7, please download latest version of the app. 

    1. Terminate the app and restart the app.

    2. If you are using an iPhone, go through the un-pairing process. Go to Settings->Bluetooth->LINKA 1, and press on “Forget This Device”.


      3. Delete your LINKA device from your app. Under the left-sidebar menu of your app, click the red minus sign beside your LINKA device. Pair up with your LINKA again. 

      4. Delete the app and reinstall the app

      5. Restart your phone

      To get more info on connection troubleshooting, please visit the “Connection Troubleshooting” page.

      Battery Too Low

      When the battery is drained below 10%, LINKA will not lock. Please charge your LINKA. To learn about charging, see the “Charging LINKA” page.

      LINKA won’t respond

      1) Lock/unlock your LINKA using phoneless-access

      2) Activate LINKA reset by quickly pressing the button on your LINKA 20 times.

      3) Charge your LINKA using a high-current power supply. If the LED doesn't turn on, try using a different cable and power supply.

      * * * 

      Live Chat Support

      If you have any other questions or problems using your LINKA, please use our Live Chat support.

      Our Live Chat hours are Hong Kong Time 8:00-20:00 (GMT 0:00-12:00) (PST 17:00-5:00)