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Tamper Alert and Siren

Setting off the Siren

When your LINKA is locked, if it detects unwanted bike movement, it will sound a 110 dB siren and draw attention to the would-be thief. Like a car alarm, the LINKA siren will continue for a period of time after movement stops. 

Tamper alerts

When the siren is triggered, and you are within bluetooth range of your LINKA, you will receive a tamper alert on your mobile phone. 

Adjusting Tamper Sensitivity (coming July 2017)

Sometimes you lock your bike in busy areas, and sometimes you lock your bike at home. To adjust tamper sensitivity, click on "Tamper Sensitivity" under the Settings page of your LINKA app. 


High alarm sensitivity. Designed to sound an alarm immediately when movement is detected. 


Medium alarm sensitivity. Parking your bike in a low-traffic neighborhood. 


Low alarm sensitivity. For those who lock their bike in busy, urban areas. Designed to filter small bumps and sound alarm only when excess movement is detected. 

Turning off Alarm

To turn off your alarm, toggle "Audible Alarm" under the settings page of your LINKA app. NOTE: You can only adjust tamper sensitivity if you are the owner of your LINKA.