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Bluetooth Connected to LINKA App
Auto-unlocking on Approach
Larger Dimensions for E-Bikes -
GPS Theft Tracking - Accurate up to 3 meters
Tamper Alerts Reach Bluetooth Range (up to 120m) Global Range
Siren Alarm 110 dB 120 dB
Battery Life Up to 16 months Up to 2.5 years (6 years with LOOP anchor plugged in)
Charging Micro-USB Pogo-Charger
Added Security Options LINKA Noose Chains LINKA Noose Chains, LOOP Anchors
Remote Sharing with Family and Friends
9mm Hardened Steel Shackle
IP56 Water-Resistant
Phoneless Access Code
Weather and Theft Tested for Durability
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Fall 2018
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