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Security. Uncompromised.

The world’s first smart bike lock with
GPS tracking.

Next Level Bike Security

LEO is the most powerful bike lock ever. Global tamper alerts. Auto-unlocking. And award-winning strength. With built-in GPS technology, track your bike's movement in 100+ countries.

Global Tracking

The world’s first smart bike lock to offer GPS tracking across 200+ networks worldwide, LEO can track your bike and send you tamper alerts in the LINKA app, no matter how far away you are.
Track and pinpoint your bike’s location with a 3m range of accuracy.
Receive alerts in the LINKA app any time someone tampers with your bike anywhere in the world.
No data plan or monthly fees for global coverage.1 See if your country is covered here.

Global Coverage

You can track your bike in 100+ countries. Select your country to see if your country is covered

Intelligent Keyless Access

Like the original LINKA, lock your bike with the tap of a button and auto‐unlock as you approach. A larger opening means LEO fits e‐bikes and traditional bikes.

Keyless Access
Cut out the hassle. Never fiddle with clunky keys, access your bike in the app or by entering a phoneless unique access code.

LEO detects you as you approach, and can automatically unlock within a radius of up to 2m (6.5ft).

E-bike compatible
The first smart bike lock designed to accommodate larger e‐bike wheels in addition to traditional bike sizes.

Award Winning Strength. Power for years.

A siren alarm and extreme weather‐tested 9mm hardened steel shackle safeguard your bike. An advanced long‐life battery means battery life is now measured in years, not months.
LEO’s battery lasts up to 2.5 years and can be charged in less than 3 hours through the included pogo charger.
Get a heads up with low battery alerts on the LINKA app.
Durable and strong, not only is the LEO tamper‐resistant, it’s built to withstand extreme‐weather conditions.

Share your bike
Bro needs a ride? No problem. Grant access to your bike remotely to friends and family.

Unlimited users
Pair your LEO with multiple users so your whole family can access your bike, hassle‐free.

Your linka toolkit

Customise your lock settings to suit you in the LINKA app.
Sometimes you park in a garage and sometimes in a bustling metropolis. Adjust the sensitivity of the tamper alarm to avoid false alarms.
A 4‐digit access code ensures you can always unlock your LINKA lock, even if your phone battery dies. View and change the code anytime through the app.
LEO’s battery lasts up to 2.5 years. Charge it in less than 3 hours through the included pogo charger. Receive a low battery alert at 30% and 10% for a heads up.

Fitting Guide

LINKA will fit on 85% of the bikes in the market. Check out this fitting guide to ensure the lock will work with your bike. Get started

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1 150 hours / 3 years data plan is inclusive upon purchase of LEO. The LINKA app will display a notification when the data usage is due for renewal. Each additional 1 year data plan will be charged at $10/year.