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LINKA is the world’s first smart bike lock to wirelessly connect to a smartphone, so it’s always ready to lock, unlock and go.

The concept and design for LINKA was formed in San Francisco, California, where LINKA is headquartered. As an avid cyclist, LINKA founder and CEO Mohamed Mohamed (Mo) shared every cyclist’s frustration with bike theft and made it his mission to solve the problem. Read the full story

If you are a member of the press and can’t find something you need—or want to speak with someone from LINKA —please contact our marketing team at information@linkalock.com.

Press Releases 

December 2018 World’s First GPS Smart Bike Lock Is Available Now and Tracks Bike Theft in Real-Time
August 2017
LINKA Debuts Theft-Tracking Smart Bike Lock and Complete Dockless Bike Share Management System


Awards and Features

LINKA successfully introduces new security features and added convenience to bicycle protection. Its smooth curves and simple design are very different from traditional bike locks.” - Jury Statement, TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Awards 2017: Gold Award - Young Enterprise. 
 “It has a very innovative combination of functions with features of automobiles. A safe and smart lock!” - Jury Statement, iF Design Awards 2017.

Successfully funded in 4 days 

 Design and Innovation Gold Award 2017

iF Design Award 2017

Featured on Emmy award-winning

Eurobike Gold Award 2017
Eurobike Startup Award 2017

World's first electronic bike lock to be ART-certified 2017


What The Press Say


“LINKA, the world's first auto-unlocking smart bike lock, promises a world in which you can leave your bicycle and not worry that it will have vanished by the time you return.”

The Best Bike Locks 2017

“LINKA makes bike security easier by unlocking automatically.”

“The LINKA smart lock means that you'll never have to carry a key again.”

“This could be the all-smart, all-screeching bicycle lock that’ll put all other standard devices to shame.”

BikeLockWiki - LINKA review "The LINKA is the best smart bike lock I’ve tried to date." "The LINKA is the best smart bike lock I’ve tried to date."


 Product Video and Images



LEO 2 Pro

LEO 2 Pro with TetherSense

LEO 2 Pro

Original LINKA Lock Silver

Original LINKA Lock Silver


Original LINKA Lock Silver & Chain

Original LINKA Lock Black