LASSO 10 Smart Chain Lock

Keyless security redefined.

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Safeguard your property with LINKA Smart Locks.

LINKA's durable, independently tested locks offer the pinnacle of security, convenience and ease of use. This is the ultimate peace of mind. Revolutionize the way you protect what matters most with LINKA.

Certified secure. Built to last.

LINKA Locks are engineered to resist attack from multiple tools including hammers, bolt cutters, hacksaws and crowbars, and designed for lasting-performance and incredible durability.

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Smart Chain Lock

Keyless access.
Ultra-fast lock & unlock.

10mm square chain x 100cm length

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Customer Reviews

Eric S.

Best thing I've added to my bike

I live in Sunny Seattle where bike thefts are common even with locks... I installed the LINKA LEO Pro 2 several months ago and my anxiety level went down 100% because I know my bike is monitored... so far only issue was the power cable broke ... great customer service and they shipped me a new charging cable - no big deal ...I have had zero issues with it otherwise ... my favorite experience was a dumb 18 year old who approached my bike on the beach to screw with it ...he didn't know I was watching ... the alarm went off and he was shocked and asked why do you need an alarm on your bike? I pointed at him and laughed... Thanks LINKA!

Bert M.

Design, Function and Fit

The Design of the lock is very well the best I have seen. The materials are of great quality and it just has the right measurements between solid looking, but not to bulky. This was important to me as it is fitted to a sleek e-bike. The functionality is easy to use and just as I prefer it. It reminds me of the use of my iPhone. It comes with lots of mounting equipment, but none of them fitted on my e-bike. This is mainly the issue of my e-bike, as the battery is in a unique place. I solved it with buying a separate mounting pack from a 3rd party. So overall 5 stars from me and lots of success for the future.

Cristian C.

About the LINKA Standard Tethersense chain

This item is practical and easy to use and is working perfectly well. Moreover the automatic closure of the Linka Leo when connecting the chain is a practical feature that I appreciate.

Kayle J.

Works fine; length is perfect. The convenience great.

The lock itself are so convenient that I am no longer tempted to leave the bike unlocked when I go into a store for just a minute. The longer length of the lighter chain is very useful. I think I’ll get a heavy duty when it’s longer, bulky then but more secure.

Stefano G.


Very good lock; solid, precise and nice looking.

Colm C.

Love this Lock

The lock is great. Does exactly what it is supposed to do and very easy to use.

James C.

The Ultimate

This is the ultimate in bike locks. Nobody makes a better product.

Obsessively engineered. Designed in California.

At LINKA, we tirelessly strive for the utmost quality. Our meticulously designed Smart Locks embody unrivaled security, ease and convenience. With cutting-edge technology, we offer unparalleled security and peace of mind.

Our story

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lock activities since LINKA’s inception

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countries lock bikes with LINKA

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years of innovation

Pioneer in smart locking technology for 10 years

LASSO Smart Chain Locks

Ultra-fast locking.

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It has a very innovative combination of functions with features of automobiles. A safe and smart lock!

Jury Statement, iF Design Awards 2017

LINKA successfully introduces new security features and added convenience to bicycle protection. Its smooth curves and simple design are very different from traditional bike locks.

Jury Statement, TAIPEI CYCLE d&I Awards 2017: Gold Award - Young Enterprise

Eurobike Gold Award & Start Up Award 2017
The LINKA is the best smart bike lock I've tried to date.