Independently tested security.

The ultimate peace of mind.

LINKA Smart Locks are designed to provide the highest level of security and safety against thefts. Our locks have been rigorously tested to meet the industry's highest standards so you can have peace of mind knowing your property is secure.
Each lock has been independently tested to withstand attacks using bolt cutters, hacksaws, crowbars, hard-pulling hammers and more.

The LASSO Series is ART II and Sold Secure Silver certified.

Hammer test

Impact resistance.

We tested LINKA locks' strength and resistance under a 1kg hammer with constant direct impact for 90 seconds. LASSO & LEO 2/2 Pro did not crack nor open and remain operational after the test. LINKA locks are smart and tough!

Bolt cutter test

Bolt cutter resistant.

We put LASSO's square manganese hardened steel chain under the test with 24" hardened bolt cutters. The LASSO chain remained intact, passing the test proving it would be near impossible to break in a real-life situation.

Pull test

Resists 2,000 lbf force.

Using state of the art equipment, LASSO can withstand up to 2,000lb-f (9 kilonewtons) pull force. Rest assured, we've rigorously tested LASSO, LEO 2 & LEO 2 Pro under common bike theft scenarios to ensure your property remains locked up.

Incredible durability, lasting performance.

Drop test

Exceeds durability standard.

LASSO exceeds the military-grade drop test standard (MIL-STD-810G) on height and impact surface (concrete).

We tested LASSO on a 6ft drop, locked and unlocked, three times. LASSO remains intact with no cracks and fully operational.

Cycle test

Engineered for endurance.

LASSO boasts 5,000 lock and unlock cycles. LINKA Smart Locks are built for lasting performance and longevity so you can enjoy peace of mind for years to come.

Extreme weather tested

Thrives in harsh environments.

Whether you're locking up water sports equipment under the scorching heat or ski gear in freezing cold temperatures, LASSO operates under extreme conditions from -4°F to 150°F (-20°C to 65°C).

LINKA Bike Locks undergo the same testing standards ensuring LEO 2/LEO 2 Pro operate under all-weather conditions.

All-weather security

Water resistance test

IP67 water & dust resistant rated.

We tested LASSO submerged in 1 meter depth of water for 30 minutes. LASSO remains fully operational, tough as steel, literally, and is assured with IP67 certification.