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Getting Started

How to set up LINKA smart bike locks

Installing LINKA on your bike

Charging your LINKA smart bike lock

Fitting the LINKA Chain

Understanding LED colors

Using the LINKA App

Connecting LINKA to the App

How to pair multiple LINKAs to your App

How to lock and unlock LINKA

How to track your bike (LEO only)

How to change your PAC

How to do a firmware update

How to do a factory reset

LINKA features

What are LINKA's features?

How durable is LINKA smart bike lock?

Tamper Alerts and Siren

Sleep Settings

How to use auto-unlock

How to share LINKA with your friends

How to transfer ownership of your LINKA

Maintaining your lock

How do I maintain and clean my LINKA lock?

LINKA Battery Replacement


Issues locking and unlocking LINKA lock

Issues charging LINKA

Help with buying LINKA

What is the status of my order?

Do you ship to my country?

What are the taxes and duties for shipping?

What is the shipping cost?

Return Policy


I purchased my LINKA lock from linkalock.com 14 days ago. What if my lock is damaged?

What if I’m not happy with the product?

Can I return a lock I bought from Amazon/another store?

I purchased my LINKA lock from eBay. Can I get help connecting LINKA to my phone?

Useful Information

LINKA User Manual

View the LEO 2 Pro Manual