LINKA Wins Design & Innovation Gold Award at Taipei International Cycle Show

Hard work pays off!

We just finished an exciting and busy week at the Taipei Cycle Show. We met with bike manufacturers (OEM) around the world, spoke with industry specialists, and saw an amazing display of innovating bikes and products. 

We had hundreds of people visiting our booth every day, and we were very excited to show everyone the new products we had to offer. Now that we've already been shipping for 6 months, we had a good idea of what customers would be saying. 

At the end of the show, we came out winning the Design and Innovation Gold award! I think this is a huge achievement for our company, and really shows that we're on the right direction when it comes to creating a great bike lock. 

We may be able to sit back and gloat at our success, but we have to keep working hard! We have some amazing new products that we're developing, and we can't wait to reveal the new things we've got coming! 

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