LINKA's Top Features

Here's what makes LINKA so smart and secure

Save Bike Profile

With your LINKA app, you can save your bike's picture and serial number. 


With auto-unlocking enabled, your bike will unlock as you approach, so you don't have to fiddle around for your keys every time. Learn More

Secured Locking

LINKA's locking ring threads through your bike's rear wheel, immobilizing your bike, and making it impossible to be ridden away.


LINKA can be installed on more than 85% of current bikes on the market. Take the fitting guide to see if it will fit on your bike here.

Remembers your recent activity

On your LINKA app, you can see where you've recently locked and unlocked your bike. The app remembers the last location that your LINKA was locked, so you'll never have to aimlessly search for your bike again.

Tamper siren and tamper alerts

Whenever your LINKA detects unwanted movement, your LINKA will sound a 110 dB alarm, drawing attention, and deterring the would-be thief. You'll get a tamper alert on your phone, letting you know that you should check your bike. You can even adjust the sensitivity of the tamper alert. Learn more.

Durability and Strength

As one of the toughest smart-locks in the market, LINKA can withstand the most extreme conditions. The hardened-steel shackle and LINKA body are maximally designed to withstand harsh attacks.

Long battery life

Your LINKA's high-capacity lithium-ion battery can last up to 16 months on a single charge. Whenever your LINKA's battery is less than 30%, the LINKA app will alert you. You can even adjust the sleep settings on your LINKA to suit your needs. 

Phone-less access

Forgot to bring your phone? Or did your phone run out of battery? No worries! You can still unlock your LINKA using your phone-less passcode. Learn more

Long range Bluetooth

LINKA uses long-range Bluetooth 4.0, and can connect with your phone within a range of up to 400 feet (120 meters).  

Sharing LINKA 

Have friends or family who would like to use your bike? With LINKA you can remotely give them access to your bike. Learn more


With the LINKA app, you can enable notifications for when you're out of range of your LINKA, when your LINKA has low battery, or when your LINKA has gone to sleep. 

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