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Original LINKA®

The original Bluetooth 4.2 enabled smart bike lock. Lock and unlock in under 5 seconds.

Smart, keyless & secure

The world’s first ART-II1 approved fully automatic bike lock assuring against bicycle thefts.

Keyless Access
Never fiddle with clunky keys, access your bike in the app or by entering a phoneless unique access code.
Bluetooth 4.2
Unlock your bike in under 5 seconds with the LINKA app. Hop on and ride away - it’s as simple as that!
Tamper Alerts
Built‐in sensors detect unwanted bike movement. LINKA triggers a 110 dB siren drawing attention to the would‐be thief.

Deter thieves

Secure your bike with the add-on noose-ended LINKA chains.
Original LINKA is designed to lock through the chain link for added peace of mind.

Secure & durable

Reinforced security with the strength of a 9mm hardened steel shackle.


Come rain or shine, LINKA is built to withstand extreme‐weather conditions.

Customize Original LINKA to suit you

With the LINKA app, enjoy keyless access and share your bike with friends and family. Adjust your lock settings to suit your needs.

Phoneless access code

A 4‐digit access code ensures you can always unlock your LINKA lock, even if your phone battery dies. View and change the code anytime through the app.

Customize your lock settings

Adjust the sensitivity of the tamper alarm to avoid false alarms.

Share your bike

Grant access to your bike remotely to friends and family. Pair your LINKA with multiple users so your whole family can access your bike.


Fitting guide

LINKA will fit on 85% of the bikes in the market. Check out this fitting guide to ensure the lock will work with your bike.


Which LINKA is for you?

Keyless access
Bluetooth 4.2
110dB siren
Secure & durable
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GPS Tracking
Global tamper alerts
E-bike compatible
Keyless access
Bluetooth 4.2
110dB siren
Secure & durable
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1An ART mark is a seal of approval that insurance companies in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium look for when offering the protection. Learn more.