Meet LEO 2 Pro

Meet LEO 2 Pro

We’ve been a little quiet lately, with good reason. Five years ago, we launched the very first prototype of the world’s first mounted keyless smart bike lock in New York. Since then, we received ART-II certification and awards for LINKA Original, followed by the launch of LEO GPS theft-tracking bike lock in 2018. We have read every review and listened to your valued feedback, each one - good or bad, has helped us to shape the design, engineering and evolution of our products.

Today, we’re super excited to be sharing the news of our latest product, the LEO 2 Pro GPS Tracking Bike Lock! 4G LTE connectivity, GPS tracking and TetherSense© plug-in chain ready - this is the next generation Smart Bike Lock that you’ve all been waiting for. 

LEO 2 Pro GPS Bike Lock with 4G LTE for remote connectivity to your bike

LEO 2 Pro GPS Theft-Tracking Bike Lock with 4G LTE connectivity for remote tracking

You asked for auto-locking, a plug-in tether, louder siren and a device to fit many more bike frames - all while enabling GPS tracking with improved network coverage enabling remote connectivity to your bike. This is it, plus so much more!

Prevent any opportunity for bike theft with LEO 2 Pro’s auto-lock function (optional), and the world’s first plug-in TetherSense© plug-in chain (sold separately). Just plug-in your TetherSense© Chain and we’ll do the rest to instantly lock the tether and the wheel lock.

LEO 2 Pro GPS Theft-Tracking Bike Lock with TetherSense© Heavy Duty Chain

And now, you can access your bike with the LINKA Smart Fob. Lock or unlock at a tap of a button without your smartphone. (Sold separately. Compatible with LEO 2 Pro only.)

LEO 2 Pro with LINKA Smart Fob for locking and unlocking your bike with ease and convenience

Like LEO 1, the LEO 2 Pro is compatible with e-bikes. The improved sleek, compact design now fits even more bike frames while accommodating for those larger e-bike wheels in addition to traditional bike sizes. 

Last but not least, we are proud to be assembling LEO 2 Pro in the U.S. - assuring us the quality and precision we strive for. Every LEO 2 Pro is assembled by a skilled worker on home ground in Oakland, California, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and support local jobs in our community.

Lock smarter with LEO 2 Pro. On October 20 — get pre-order access to the smartest bike lock ever. Sign up for pre-order updates.

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