Introducing LINKA LEO

Introducing LINKA LEO

Three years ago we launched our very first product on Kickstarter, the LINKA smart bike lock. The world’s first keyless bike lock to immobilize your wheel and auto unlock as you approach. Thanks to our supporters, we raised US$130,000 and shipped our first production run in October 2016.

2017 was an awesome year, LINKA became an award-winning product receiving the Eurobike Gold Award, d&i Gold Award and ART certification, a globally recognized seal of approval certifying and insuring LINKA - the first ever smart bike lock to achieve this certification.


18 months ago, our product team set out on a mission to create the next level of bike security. You asked for GPS tracking, a smart anchoring system - all while remaining keyless, convenient and super strong with uncompromised security.

Now, in 7 days — after rigorous testing, sweat and tears — it’s here.

LINKA LEO Smart Bike Lock with GPS tracking

Lock smarter with LINKA LEO, the world’s first smart bike lock with GPS tracking.

Excited? So are we. On November 15th — get pre-order access to the most powerful bike lock ever. 

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- Mo

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