LINKA receives ART approval

LINKA receives ART approval

We’ve got great news.

LINKA has just become the first-ever ART-approved smart bike lock!

This is big for so many reasons. But first: what is ART?  

The ART Foundation issues certifications for locks that meet their standards for theft prevention, with criteria including strength, durability, and security.

They work in tandem with SKG-IKOB, an independent facility that tests everything from impact and bullet resistance to mechanical anti-theft systems and – yes – bicycle locks.

Just like motorcycle helmets and cars go through crash testing, high-quality locks undergo the same to prove their mettle.

And the original LINKA lock, we’re excited to announce, has proved its own.

Why is this important? 

An ART mark is a seal of approval that insurance companies in the Netherlands look for when offering theft protection. So not only do you get a smart bike lock that’s been tested and certified; you also get insurance options for your LINKA-mounted bicycle.

In short, you get to enjoy greater peace of mind over the security of your bike with an ART-certified LINKA smart bike lock!

We’re not about to stop here of course – LINKA, at the moment, is working with other testing facilities for product certifications in the UK, Denmark, and more.

We’re also in talks with insurance companies in the Netherlands and Belgium regarding insurance options for your bike.

Shop the ART-II approved Original LINKA Smart Bike Lock.

Stay tuned and watch this space for updates – we’ll keep you posted on LINKA-approved insurance providers near you!

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